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Monday, March 25, 2013


things can never be the same
in every single way
the remnants of 2009
lost in the sands of time
not the same excitement
nor the reckless abandon
those were the days
filled with fun each day
on the edge of destruction
with Lindt for satisfaction

bring me back to 2009
oh the good memories
but we can never go back there
not like then, not like before

Sunday, March 24, 2013


madness is like
the march of bull ants
it spreads sporadically
altering perception
at every turn

and if my anger
is a form of madness
then let it be
for I'd rather bear madness
than be engulfed

in the death throes
of agonising sadness


I saw you
playing with it
walking in front

of traffic
going deaf
swerving on
the wrong side
of the road
playing with it
when you should be
paying careful attention

just the other day
I saw myself
being hit by
a garbage truck

call me what you will
I call myself a
hippo hypocrite
playing with my
flashy new phone
yes I'm am one
of y'all now

one of them
one of you

The /məˈSHetē/

the nice, nice bourgeoisie




the same themes
like day after day
will be etched
into the annuls
of his story

the winners
write his story
all the lies
we take for truth

we will take a bite
from the carrot
dangled in front
and behind us
our eyes can see
every picture
we gaze at

the same truths
will be disseminated
by the bearers
of his story
we will take a bite
hook, line and sinker

the same themes
repeated over
and over again
always forever


you are always bored
because nothing's on yr mind
besides what you can buy
and what you have bought

you need to escape
from this banal reality
with nonsense and trivia
dollar sign fever

everything's going to be ok

consume until you drop


i want to know about you

all the noughts you have divided
all the darkness that is light
all the horses that ride you
all the crimes not witnessed
all the wrapping paper that is present
all the future in your past
all the oil paintings that do not last
all the glass that does not smash
all the oxymorons that do not contradict

all the arrogance that is modest
all the rings that are phoning
all the contradictions that make sense
all the photos snapping cameras
all the digital replaced by analogue
all the CDs that preceed cassettes
all the the backwards going forwards
all the pretentiousness that is honest
all the poetry that writes itself
all the dada not recuperated
all the awesome that is lame
all the endings that begin

i want to know about you

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Self-destruction is the grand prize
When you can see through all their lies
They’ve got dollar sign in their eyes
And claim the whole world as their prize

So you call yourself an anarchist
And reject all forms of hierarchy
But do you understand what you know?
Can you describe what is “anarchy”?

All around us is visual pollution
As the “sheeple” dance the dance of delusion
An ubiquitous case of cranial contusion
Is it part of the human condition
That we all are socially conditioned
To believe what we see or hear on television?

We believe we are free
Free agents of the free world
We act on capital’s decree
Buying the shit we see on TV
And never questioning the status quo
Our desires, the lowest common denominator

We consume like consumption were food
One pair of shoes for each mood
Yes, the emperor is stark raving nude
When you see through his façade
He will wield the sword of naked power
And grow stronger hour by hour
If we don’t take back the power
Rather we choose to roll over and cower

Who will choose to be an agent of change
When day after day, nothing really changes
The starving are still starving
As the emperor is gluttonously laughing
Preventable diseases run rampant
When the corporations protect their precious patents

Suicide genes in suicide seeds
The unmitigated memes of greed
Genocide is what genocide is
Crypto fascism under a foreign aid façade
As the new world kings knowingly wave to each other
Like the world is not enough
And all resources are theirs for their taking
They dump the food to hike up the prices
While the mass pit of cadavers grows exponentially
The dollar and the gold for the entire family

What is said has been said a million times before
What we want is more of the same
Repetition dressed up as novelty
Destroy the whole world with acid rain
And history as they write it is more of the same
They control the present so they control the past
Built in obsolescence, the name of the game
Building machines with a use by date

So we have a choice to make
Do we want to accept this shit
Or are we going to disobey?
Are we going to take another hit
Of that fire water that drowns out reality
Or are we going to say “enough!”
“We reject this sordid reality!”
“We won’t take this shit any more!”

The choice is yours to make my friend
Do you want to defend and just pretend
That everything is fine and dandy
And continue to consume the genocide candy?
Or do you want to create something new?
A world where all our desires are fulfilled
And not just for the few on the top of the heap
Equality is what the revolutionaries seek

The choice is yours to make my friend
Do you want to hear the sound of my elongated windpipe?


I shan't write about myself
because my life
is not exciting,
nor chaotic
without the hammer

and I like it that way

I am no longer
under any illusions
and free
from delusion

and I like it that way

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


may the acid rain wash it all away
all our hatred, all our fear

Monday, March 11, 2013


feel your bones against mine
dissident out of time
all alone in my mind
all the while, wasting time
no meaning, lack of pride
cut through lies with a knife
wake up on the other side
the oppressed, they will rise

our affluence comes at price
our brand new shoes look very nice
one bowl of rice will not suffice
so the truth takes us by surprise

much beauty on this earth
every day is the same
waste our time, go to work
you shall cry, yes it hurts
the end is nigh in this world
drop the bomb, kill some 'niggers'
they eat dirt in the third world
it's poverty for sinners

our privilege comes at a price
we dine like kings while people starve
buy more, eat more, don't think twice
we tell ourselves comfortable lies

yet again, press rewind
every day is the same
without thought, speak your mind
get ahead, play the game
get so high on candy
go nowhere on a treadmill
which drugs do you fancy?
keep climbing up that hill

our way of life comes at a price
we play with smart phones while they slave
we celebrate while people die
we'll never see or change our ways

keep telling ourselves comfortable lies