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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


from trauma to more trauma
these are our ways
we shall lock them all up
and let the odd one drown
in the perilous journey
to our migration zone
and we shall continue
to lock them up
we shall label them
as 'illegals' just
some arab scum
we will protect
our nation as best
we can we will
dictate to the sheep
the people glued
to 3D plasma televisions
divide and conquer
and we shall lock
up some Hazaras
and we will lock
up their children,
don't let anyone
photograph the
conditions at
Naura, at Papua
New Guinea
the tents will
all be air-conditioned
and all the toilets
will have no doors
they don't deserve
to have privacy
no one shall
take photographs
of any of the misery
who cares if four
people sewed their
lips together
they are just doing it
to get our
we don't care
if our stranglehold
on the freedom
of the media imitates we
shall adopt the same
restrictions as North
Korea, we
shall deny any
attempts to take
photographs nobody
will see how
wonderful the facilities
are and how cost
effective it is, we
shall detain them
without a certain
date of release or
deportation after
we grant them asylum
for a year or two
before we fly them
back to war torn countries
we can do whatever
we like we shall
piss on Geneva
and declare how
much of a fiscal drain
they are in this
splenderous nation
of ours all multicultural
and classless we
shall defend our
borders from the
huge influx of those
illegals and terrorists
we shall decide who
can or can't enter
this wonderful land
built on the destruction
of 'Terra Nullius" that's 
how we proudly
built up this land of
ours we shall rightfully
claim this land for
the queen and the
motherland we will
place the wedge
in all the right
places, it 's open warfare

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