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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


it's hell, right here in this world,
not for me, not for you
but for those who
work and work and work
for a fucking pittance
unable to give their children
a proper education
you may come across 
a homeless man
but you know 
he's still going to eat 
tonight, yes it's food
but the man with the scyth
will not be able 
to dance tonight
because we live here
with our flashy cars
and pristine mansions
they will never see 
what they refuse to see
as the man with the coffee
is unable to dance
because he's working 
for a pittance
but he will not
take this shit anymore
so he puts down his scyth
and picks up a machete
and hacks through
all the bullshit
and he takes back
what is rightfully his
they shall never
take our property
back off us
on the back
of back-breaking 
we shall rise up
and take
it back

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